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Flower Guild

The members of St. George's Flower Guild offer a wide range of talents and abilities, but all share a love of flowers and a love of the church. They create arrangements to the glory of God for weekly services and for the holidays. Men and women with an interest in floral design are encouraged to join.  The Guild offers workshops and training, so no experience is required to join.  Call Ann Tebbutt at (540) 656-2280 or Iris Cheatham at (540) 371-1313.

Those who join will be given Flower Guild Guidelines and the opportunity to participate in periodic workshops. They may work with a partner, if they choose. A short description of the work for a Sunday arrangement follows:

  1. Sign up for a Sunday listed on the Flower Guild schedule. Members may sign up to work alone, work with a partner, or ask for a partner to be assigned to them. Most arrangers volunteer about once each quarter.
  2. By Friday, before the scheduled arrangement on Sunday, purchase and condition flowers. The conditioning may be done at home or in the church sacristy. Arrangers will be reimbursed for expenses, after they submit a request. A form is included in the guidelines packet, which is handed to each flower guild member. The form is also available on the church website.
  3. Finish the arrangement in the church before the church closes on Saturday afternoon.
  4. Maintain the arrangement throughout the following week to keep the flowers looking fresh.
  5. As soon as the flowers begin to droop, disassemble the arrangement and place the organic materials in the compost bin located in the garden section of the church cemetery.

Make sure that the arrangement is disassembled by Friday so that space and containers are available for the next arranger.

Click here to see photos of Flower Arrangements for 2014.


We care

Congregational Care

It is our mission to reach out and journey with those we know who are experiencing life transition or crisis.