About Us

About Us

“Growing into Christ + Reaching Out in Love”

St. George’s is an historic downtown church whose congregation of 1000+ members live in neighborhoods all over the greater Fredericksburg area. We are a people committed to worshipping God, nurturing Christian community, and proclaiming the Gospel by working for justice and peace in the world. St. George’s is known in the broader community for superb music, broad educational programming for all ages, and outreach ministries to the city and beyond.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate and spread God’s Word in Christ through faith by honoring the dignity and gifts of the individual, providing opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal, and embracing the diversity of community.

Core Values

1. We embrace diversity – of ideas, styles of worship, and varieties of prayer. As one people, our diversity leads to spiritual growth.
2. We serve and learn from others.
3. We are a welcoming people.
4. We value education – creating a safe place and fertile ground for spiritual growth.
5. We believe in action coming out of our worship and prayer.
6. We honor the gifts and talents of all.

It is impossible to capture the individual character of each parishioner, yet each adds a distinctive flavor to the parish community. And, true to southern hospitality in general, parish members create an inviting environment that is open and welcoming to people of all ages, faith backgrounds and lifestyles. We all share the common bond of worship.

Welcome Statement
You are welcome at St. George’s Church regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation or tradition.

Visit our Newcomers page for events and information on joining St. George’s. Or just come hang out with us for a while and see what you think.

We care

Congregational Care

It is our mission to reach out and journey with those we know who are experiencing life transition or crisis.